Friday, April 29, 2011


"Gone for wheels, back with skates"

I went to Hawaii Surf that morning with my friend Jim with whom I rollerjam to buy narrower quad wheels for dancing.
After having asked to show me all the wheels they had, we made the most of our coming to the shop to try the new arrivals of quad skates, including the Antiks and... the Minx! The very ones I had tried one week before, because Amelia had just bough them. My feet dangerously and instantly merged with the boots so that I had only one option left: buying the 450€ skates. And they were so worth it that I hardly hesitated!
A couple of months ago I had to buy quad skates, and not having had a crush on any I chose the cheapest ones waiting for love at first try. I finally found them! The heel is a bit upswept so that it reminds me of inline skates, and the chassis is quite high too. Like, like, like! And they are so reactive that I can even slalom with them. Haha! Beware!
I couldn't help but baptize them the following day for our first bout. I'm proud of them, they did well for their first ride =)

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