Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Paris RollerGirls Logo

So, this is it! Our final logo.
We had had problems with our very first logo because it showed the Eiffel Tower in a circle -- which reminded too much of the Paris Saint-Germain logo. We had a provisory logo (the same but without the circle... which I found was still perfect: sober, symbolic and efficient).
I'm summarizing a bit here. But finally we had a contest, for which we received lots of logos. We then had a vote, after a first selection by the head of the association. And this is the one that was selected.
Personnaly, I liked the old one far better. This one is too common. I think that somehow it's a shame because it doesn't reflect anything. But on the other hand I just don't care because I'm here to play derby, not to sell t-shirts with logos on. 

Paris Saint-Germain | First PRG Logo | Provisory Logo

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