Sunday, May 8, 2011

I broke my plate!

"...doing street rollerdancing..."
After only 8 days -- i.e. a bout, four derby practices and half a rollerdance session.
So I went to the skateshop... and this is when the real sh*t began.

  • I asked not to have the same model in exchange because I didn't trust the plates anymore. Ok... but they had no other derby plates in size 4. Damn!
  • And what about Lazer plates? Not my size either.
  • Artistic plates seemed the only option left: designed for jumps, they wouldn't break. But: 1) The thread for the stops is specific to artistic, so I'd have to wear (big) artistic stops and 2) Bearings size 7 only, whereas I can have bearings size 8 for free.
  • I dropped the option when they found a Dynapro Powerdyne plate size 4 hidden in a corner. Woot woot so happy! Until we tried to put them on my boots. My feet are too small and the stops jutted out from the boots. Well.
  • As there was nothing satisfying, I asked them to give me the same model I had broken, at least to have provisory plates for the bout against Stuttgart the following weekend, and not to have to drill new holes in my boots for plates I wouldn't like -- which I would change eventually (and make a new set of holes for the final plates). Unfortunately, they didn't have my size in stock, at all.
  • Back to the only option left: the artistic plates! I had to pay them and they will refund me the price of the plate I broke. I had no choice anyway. 

My Babies are back...

...after a little plastic surgery!


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