Sunday, June 19, 2011

Royal Rolling Roller Disco

And... Here is another Roller-Disco event!

Two in two weekends, never seen that. This time, I really enjoyed it. The place was very small, it was in the shooting studio "Abel 14". It was organized by the Artdicted Group. The theme was 80s and 90s revival. I should have been a go-go dancer for the evening (i.e. being paid to rollerjam, that's all), but I had freestyle demos during the day and couldn't make it on time for the relooking session. Finally it was probably better this way, given the looks of my friends who got the "job"!

Lots of Derby girls showed up too -- including a couple of Swedish, the music was very efficient, there were off-skate go-go dancers who were impressive...
KEWL! Impatiently waiting for the next one!

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