Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Paris RollerGirls Summer Workshops

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In order for the new recruits to get ready for the integration test, the Paris RollerGirls organize workshops in August and September.
The integration test, the MIST (Minimum Individual Skills Test), is a mere security formality. It will deal with skating basics such as falling, stopping, jumping, crossing... The workshops are not compulsory, but they are meant to point out and explain the drills that will be specifically needed for the MIST.

The idea is that as a Derby League, the Paris RollerGirls are going to teach you how to Derby, not how to Skate, so that you need to have a basic skating level to start the real stuff :)

The workshops will be run by qualified Coaches (Amelia Scareheart, Kozmic Bruise and Wheely Wonka) with their assistants (Cherry LieLie, Joan Get27 and Truck-Off Pooky) for the On-Skate part; and by the Paris Refs (Brute et Peste, Maëlstrom and Watzé) for the Rules part.

All the sessions will have the same content -- you can see the program on the flyer -- but run by different coaches so that there will be different hindsights to the drills. They will take place on Sundays from 11AM to 3PM, i.e. a short Off-Skates to warm up, 3hrs. On Skates and 1hr. of Basic Rules. Check out the flyer for the dates!

A session is 15€: which means 3,75€ per hour...
Ten times cheaper than normal private skating lessons!
The money will go to the association to pay for bout trips or course material.

You won't need quad skates for the workshops, inline skates will do!
But please come at least with protective gear: knees, elbows and wrists. Helmets and mouthguards are welcome but not compulsory.

If you are interested (as I'm sure you are), contact the coaches at to register or to ask for further information.

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  1. Hi There from Germany:

    I'm susan (Aka Bettina von Brickhaus), skater, Skating instructor, Derby coach and I teach to skate.
    Mentioned to Chloe about coming to Paris to do a total skills workshop/camp for you girls but esp to teach your trainers.

    I teach skill from natural skating, real world as if you grew up on skates...for confidence, agility, power/speed and style with a big focus on safety & flair too!
    I teach girls HOW to skate.... so they can play Roller Derby and skate beautifully...
    (and avoid broken ankles) !!

    I know you've planned a workshop Aug/Sep... I could come aftewards... unless you'd have time for your trainers and skaters during it. :)

    happy to hear back from you.
    :-) ,