Friday, November 11, 2011

Akouphën's 2nd album: "ΣLΣVΣN"

It's got (almost) nothing to do with derby, but I cannot just go on as if nothing had happened:
I'm glad to announce you that my band's second album is out today. That's the way it had to be: ΣLΣVΣN was meant to be released on the 11.11.11.
The title stands for lots of things, the most obvious being that we're in 2011 and that it's the 11th anniversary of the band.

At first Akouphën was a crew intermixing different artistic fields, but as time went by it focused on music. I joined the band in 2005, we made a good bunch of concerts and we issued our first album "Face.A" in 2007 with Ozore Age/Pias. A great first step which I was very proud of, although I was aware that our sound was still a bit young and needed to mature.
I left that very year because I had to move for skating reasons, and I dedicated the next couple of years to my Freestyle Skating career. I put an end to it in 2010 -- switching to derby, and going back to my second passion: music.

We spent a year writing this second album, TBJ and me. He composed the music and I did the vocals and the lyrics.
Not being signed with any label anymore, we exploited our artistic freedom to the max as for composition, not sticking to only one music style: we kept the electro basis and we mixed it with as many references and influences as possible. The album is quite eclectic and I love it!

I particularly paid attention to the lyrics. True, the songs deal with the overused themes of love and hate -- this kind of feelings. But I made shure to express them with fresh words and stories, mixing irony, fate, and fun... in order to wrap up these usual themes with unusual images.
You can follow the adventure of a girl desperately waiting for a text, becoming so upset that she ends up drunk in her kitchen to kill the anger in "Textpectation"; that of a game-girl wanting a buddy game-boy to play with in "Game Boy"; that of a lousy flirt trying to hit on a drowsy girl in "Catch 22"...
I'm obviousy getting inspired by my every-day life and skating makes two appearances in the album: One on "Shit Talker", a song I already talked about in my article about old ladies who fuss with you for no reason; and one on "Gross Beat" which could be mistaken with the description of a hot sex scene but which is actually dealing with roller-derby!
  No Manual .01
Roundabout .02
Game Boy .03
Make It Roll .04
Textpectation .05
Falling Up .06
Catch 22 .07
Shit Talker .08
Where Does It Go Wrong .09
(Not) Sorry .10
Gross Beat .11
[Bonus] .12

released 11 November 2011
Kloé : Lyrics/Voices
Turbo.J : Music
Mix & Editing : Akouprod
Mastering : Mobo @ Conkrete Studio --

Cover Art : Kaa --

I'm stopping the spoilers:
Discover the album by yourself with your own two ears on our Myspace and Facebook for full song previews, and get the album on CDBABY and Facebook MusicStore... as well as on iTunes!
-- Love it, Share it, Buy it (to support us so that we can press it), and "Make it Rock, Make it Roll, People!"

Σlσvσn - Akouphën

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