Friday, March 16, 2012

Kozmic Derbynterview on MUNDO DERBY

A couple of weeks ago, JustMean of the brand-new Latin-American Derby Website MUNDO DERBY, asked me for an interview. I was all the more flattered (not to say excited and proud) that it was my first real derbynterview. CHECK IT OUT HERE:

I decided to return the favor in advertizing for their website here. I was a bit worried because it is integrally in Spanish and I don’t speak a word of Spanish.
In order to be sure that the information I was going to spread was accurate, I had the idea to interview my interviewer! Haha!.
My interviewed interviewer is JustMean #17 and she belongs to the amateur team of the Sailor City-Rollers in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

To what kind of derby people is Mondo Derby destined?
The site is destined to every derby lover, fans, players, coaches, future players, etc.

What is the purpose of this website?
Mundo Derby is an Argentinean website fully dedicated to the Latin American derby scene. The website was originally Mundo Derby Argentina, but we had visits and comments from the whole region, so we decided to expand in order to offer the leagues from all South America a place to promote their leagues, events and spread the word about the derby scene of their country.
The purpose of the site is to share news of national and international derby, share advices, trainings, product reviews, fresh meat experiences, and more. We try to cover every single aspect of the sport to spread the word about roller derby and help people who start in this sport.

How old is Mundo Derby and who runs it?
The website was launched in January 2012. It was created by Julieta Martino and its staff is made of:
  • Experienced players (MissTrouble and me from Sailor City Rollers, and Verónica Larco from Santiago Roller Derby)
  • Coaches (Ezequiel Lopez Fuentes, head coach of Guerrilla Roller Derby Workout)
  • A nutritionist (Nevenka Klinar)
  • Fresh meats (Victoria Alemañy, Or Centorami).
We've opened our own staff recruitment, we offer a spot on our site to every derby fan, player, coach, ref, etc that wants to write about derby, publish their league story, talk about their country's derby scene, etc. So if you speak Spanish and are interested in joining us, feel free to send us an email!

What kind of project is this interview part of?
It's project that I wanted to start because it allows me to introduce the real story behind different players around the globe so people can get to meet them, their story, what they think, how they started in derby, what they recommend, what gear they use, etc. I think is important for us, our region, to inspire a skater.
And know more about others skaters in other countries.
I saw how you played at the world cup and I loved it. I think you're an excellent skater who could share excellent pieces of advice and experiences, so I thought it would be the right start for this section. So you’re the first and we will be publishing more interviews in the future because several players were offered like you to work with this project.


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