Thursday, June 21, 2012

(Not) Sorry

I'm aware that I'm being opportunistic and I'm (not) sorry for that, but let's seize the occasion of Music Day to go back on my band's brand new music video!

In a previous post I had warned you about lots of new exciting things coming for my band Akouphën. Fortunately, they all happened (and on time!)
  1. First of all, our second album ΣLΣVΣN ©2011, digitally issued last november, has finally been PRESSED and is now available in its CD version with a great record sleeve full of pictures and lyrics. 
  2. And secondly, to celebrate the long-awaited release, we have made a MUSIC VIDEO for one of the hit songs of the album: "(Not) Sorry".
Directed by Louis Moncouyoux of Vanksen communication agency, the video was shot in March in a disused roller-rink. You should know by now that I ALWAYS arrange things so that there is a reference to skating somehow!

We wanted it sober and professional and I'm satisfied with the final result.
I had sad feedbacks from some people who deplored that I was not on wheels but (again) I could hardly go down stairs at that time!
Anyway if you really want to see me skate to my music, you can have a look at my 2010 Slalom Profile!

Enjoy the video and feel free to share!


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