Friday, July 20, 2012

Derbynterview on 100% Quad

I know what you're thinking: "She hasn't been skating a lot lately but she's been talking!"
Yeah. Alright. I compensate the way I can. But I do skate in private. And I will make my public comeback preview at the RollerCon next week. Cross my heart!
For the real derby comeback I'll have to wait a couple more months. But let's stop brooding over it.

100% Quad at

I was contacted by the webmaster of 100% Quad for a quad interview.
I am kind of touched by the request as it is the quad-skating extension to RollerFR, and they both dominated the French skating Internet scene in the 2000's... They were very active with interviews, equipment tests, skate customizations... and freeskate video contests! (to make it short)

As I was intent on presenting the website accurately, I asked the webmaster to do so:

"100% Quad (aka is a website exclusively dedicated to quad skaters.
Created in 2005 as an offshoot of, it is meant to be didactic in order to share our passion.
Having hibernated for several years, it has now a new managing team made of oldschool street quad skaters, who are very precise not to say obsessive. Open-minded, the team is interested in every quad skating discipline and the webmaster is now having a go at roller derby."
ORIGINAL FRENCH VERSION "100% Quad (aka est un site exclusivement dédié aux patineurs en quad.
Commencé en 2005 comme une émanation du site, il se veut didactique, afin de faire partager notre passion.
Resté en hibernation pendant plusieurs années, il possède désormais une nouvelle équipe composée de patineurs de rue plutôt oldschool, pointus voir maniaques. Ouverte d'esprit, l'équipe s'intéresse à toutes les disciplines du quad, et le webmaster du site s'essaye désormais au Derby."

Broadening its themes, the website has now a roller derby section and is starting to fill it up with interviews and pretty soon (I am sure they will not resist the temptation) with derby equipment tests!
But for the moment, here is my prose:

100% Quad -- July 19th, 2012
(French only)


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