Saturday, July 7, 2012

Freestyle Patchwork

I made a presentation video edit of Chloe Seyres.
... Oh wait, that's me!

I was always worried when asked "show me what you do" because I did not have any representative video material. Then I was forced either to put my skates on and "do my stuff" or show various videos for the person to get a general overview of what freestyle slalom is.

One or two years ago, Seba gave me great hope when he told me that I was going to have a profile edit. But I was soon disappointed in seeing the result: I had ordered something like this and I received something like that, which in my opinion severely lacks editing talent. Unrefined, slow, lacking details and video material, crucial shots cut and useless shots inserted... and last but not least it does not match the music rhythm! It is a shame because it was the first time I had the opportunity to get such a quality of image...

Then, in addition to the slow-motion failed profile, I would show some nice edits such as Around the 20 which is the exact opposite: great editing but poor content, a fan video shot during a winter session, and a couple of competition videos...

This week, I found the long-awaited motivation to gather youtube material and make a compilation, as I had promised to rest after my 4-week rehab stay and my weekend of rollerdance demos. I set my mind up in watching the edit of a b-girl that I met in the rehab center. It was exactly the kind of breathtaking punchy video that I wish I had.

Of course, the quality of image sucks... you cannot ask too much of youtube!
But yet the edit is dynamic, and it even makes ME want to slalom again.

If you want something done, most of the time you'd better do it yourself...

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