Thursday, November 15, 2012

Facebook FanPage

-- I am taking the plunge!

I have had a facebook fanpage for a couple of years already, but in my defense I did not create it! A friend of mine asked for permission, opened it and ran it for some time. I would even refuse to be linked the page! But little by little he got the better of me, adding me as an admin, then telling me to suppress him and try out my wings.
I left it as a wastepage for months (years?) until I got told off by my bro' who quite rightly told me that it was useless and a real shame. Then I started to take more care of it and update it more often.

I find the concept very megalomaniac, though.
So that I have never advertized for it.

You have the right to say that writing a blog is a form of megalomania. And yet, I find it less oppressing than asking your own friends to be your fans. Anyone is welcome to peep into here but I do not force people to read my blog.

Yeah. I'm shy.
So that I hardly advertize for it either.

-- And now...

I see more and more people (especially derbygirls) creating their own FB pages, and it does not seem that big a deal to them to encourage their contacts to follow them. Then, why not. It is already there anyway... It might become useful!
I have a freestyle website to store my freestyle stuff, why not using the facebook page for my derby stuff?

I wanted to put my derbyname but you cannot do any changes once you have reached 200 followers. At least I could modify the address, which now displays my doppelganger identity:

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