Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who's Next: Snow (Hey Ho!)

The winter 2013 Who's Next fashion and ready-to-wear show was held on the occasion of the Parisian Fashion Week, at Porte de Versailles, just like this summer.
For a thorougher description...

The Winter version of Who's Next was indoors only, contrary to the Summer version where we were treated with bales of straw... which was +1 for the summer atmosphere but -10 for the slipperiness!
This time, snow was covering the whole city outside, while a strong tropical climat hung heavy inside thanks to the heating and the spotlights. Those same carpeted grounds with conceiled sewer drains underneath would make us trip at random, but hey ho! We knew what to expect!

My rollerdance crew Skatexpress did not have to make demos the whole weekend like in June, when we would stroll in the alleys, stop by at some random stand with our music cube, freestyle a bit and then move, on and on...

Still, I got two free passes: one as a Paris RollerGirls and one as a SkateXpress dancer.
*cheshire grin*

I was double-hatted, so that I saw all the potentially interesting labels twice, once on Sunday for derby and once on Monday for dancing... pretty confusing for the exhibitors!

The Paris RollerGirls investigation was mainly about finding partners:
  1. Useful equipment partners, i.e. sportswear etc.
  2. Financial partners who could help us on the mid/long-run. Indeed "goodies is cool" but it does not pay our train and plane tickets to go bouting... Which is a HUGE organizational problem going beyond money in the league.

As for the morrow's SkateXpress search, it was based on three threads:
  1. Clothes, both for training and for performance, especially cool tracksuits;
  2. Accessories, mainly for performance to improve our looks: urban sneakers to be set up on plates, caps and hats for the various atmospheres of our acts...
  3. Anything that is related to music, which is the support without which we cannot dance.

Our meeting point was on the third floor of hall 7.2, at the Scratch Tracks stand.

The Paris RollerGirls helped them promote their brand in skating around with their music bags (incl. me on Sunday, then) and Scratch Tracks had also invited a crew of teenage dancers who would perform from time to time.

Now is the time to write back to the labels we contacted during the show and hope for positive answers!

Universal fact: Rollergirls attract flashes and cameras.


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