Thursday, March 21, 2013

Freestyle Face-Lift

Having been sick for more than a week, I had no other option than staying at home, geeking. I invested the huge amount of time and the small amount of energy I had to fully reorganized my freestyle skating website. I had not touched it much since I had stopped freestyle, and the two-year hindsight was of great help to filter and classify the information.

At first I had started it for myself to list all the events I took part in, all my rankings and all the nice pictures and videos of successful competition performances. I am glad I did so: tidying it up brought me back into a passed chapter to which I willingly surrendered... and I relived fragments of it, with a nostalgic smile that would not leave the corner of my lips.

Now and then in the future, I will probably plunge myself into that huge archive recounting 10 years of chosen memories of my life. You are welcome to peep into it, it is my place and you are my guest:

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