Friday, July 12, 2013

Coaching the Criminal Nurses

I made a detour on my way back home, after our ultimate game of the season in Dublin, to visit the CRIMINAL NURSES in Aubenas (FRA, 07). It was amusing to meet derby people who already knew about me before I started derby! Such a small world. Got less awkward once the presentations made.
OK, I know you are going to read this. It was a really comfortable 'awkward' though -- in a funnybot way. Honest, natural and just PERFECT:

Although my stay was pretty short, I had the time to enjoy the welcoming, the people, the old red VW car of my host, the sun, the landscape, the bathing in the river, the pic-nic by the river, the sunburns, the rain and the hail (indeed). In 24 hours. Oh, and we squeezed a 4-hour workshop in-between all that.

The WORKSHOP was based on AGILITY stuff.

After a good on-skates WARM-UP mixed with endurance and workout, we focused on the BASICS of skating explained in relation with derby. We mainly concentrated on propulsion, changes of direction and moving sideways, as well as run-ups and speed-ups.
We broke down the movements and worked on the main concepts, with the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ROLLING AND STEPPING as the underlying theme. What are the techniques and when using one rather than another.
We finished with the keys to front/back/front shifts and jumps... and with a few rollerdance moves as bonuses!

I had a super Criminal Nurses t-shirt with the names of the whole team on the back. Awesome present. Love it! Had a blast!

...and an easy dance move to finish with!

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