Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I see dea... rby people

You know you're addicted to derby when...
...all the NON-DERBY information your brain deals with in your everyday-life is turned into meaningful DERBY stuff...
And when you realize it, it's already too late. The only thing left to do is hook up with your addicted friends like a bunch of zombies on wheels trying to contaminate other people's brains to extend your flock pack. (and get more cool friends.) Because obviously, you can't be cool if you're not turned. QED.

Let's be more specific and take ME* as a study subject.
The latest trick my brain has been playing me:
I don't see NUMBERS, I see PLAYERS.
I ordered a (non-derby) item on the Internet a couple of days ago. There were Rumble Roses, Bully Bunker and Cocoon Crash on my credit card. Disturbing, isn't it?
Then I went to the gym (by skate, that goes without saying). The cars passing by were called Billie Frechette, High Wheels, Breakout Lux..

Cars, road signs, commercial boards, street numbers, phone numbers, any wrap or label scattering the pavements... Surrounded. Trapped. I SEE DERBY PEOPLE. Everywhere.

I avoid saying hi not to raise the attention of ordinary people, they wouldn't understand. They'd think I've lost my head (have I?) In some way they wouldn't be wrong. My brain is getting gnawed by derby, slowly but surely. As long as I am not unmasked I can wander about safely.
And if someone sees behind the cover, they shall be turned--no witnesses.

I think I must be developping a superpower of telepathy or ubiquity or something. Hence the messages in the numbers. I don't know yet how that condition will evolve but it's quite promissing. Will let you know.

I see derby people.
I'm a superderbyhero.
And I like it a lot.

* Yeah it's MY blog, and I often talk about ME, but I also sometimes talk about MYSELF and even quite a lot about I too.

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