Saturday, August 10, 2013

B612 Photoshooting by

A couple of months ago I was contacted on facebook by an illustrator/photographer who asked me if she could shoot me on quad skates. I usually consider those kinds of proposals as long as the people seem to be of sound mind. As a matter of fact she did, so I said yes.
We met once for a drink, then a second time for scouting, although neither of us usually do that: the first go is often the good one, more natural. Still we wanted some special weather conditions (a bright sun would be welcome), so we patiently waited for the right moment.

Our first common wish - we had the same idea separately - was to shoot on the water mirror of the docks of Bordeaux. It's a childhood dream to make a splash on rollerskates, and water is an interesting and uncommon element to work with (especially with skates).

We had decided to meet at 8:30AM to avoid having too many people in the background. Our first attempt was aborted for want of sun - which suited me well as I could go back to bed. I'm not a morning person. Our second attempt was the good one, although it didn't start as expected.
I was late. Ok, that was to expect.
But what was not was the absence of water on the water mirror. Maybe the city council had decided to stop wasting water during the heat wave?

We headed for a bar, had tea, and decided to find other locations, shoot and see what would come out of it. We went to a place nearby, found it quite inspiring, and had a go, exploring and exploiting the urban landscape.
The least to say is that we have a good connection:

After a couple of hours of striking the pose we decided to take leave.

The sun was hot, I had no sun cream and my early morning waking up was calling me to order.

I had hardly switched on my MP3 on my way back home that my phone rang. "THERE'S WATER!!" Alright, I turn around, I'm coming! There were quite a lot of people enjoying the view and/or the fresh water of the mirror, and (too many) children squabbling and splashing around. But we shot!

We used water as a track to define and highlight the moves: the preparation of the trick is past, but it is still visible on the photo!

An interesting experience that I wish I can enjoy soon again (it's forbidden to skate on the water mirror) because of the sensations: you have to adapt your technique to the resistance of the water, which I'm sure can open new doors to insane tricks...


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