Monday, March 10, 2014

Ankle Crash D+23

23 days after the crash, the fog in the horizon of my ankle's fate is starting to lift. I made the most of my travelling to France (for a Team France training) to make a detour and get other diagnoses than the dubious conclusion of the hospital I went to for my x-ray check-up.

Serious sprain. A whisker away from breaking the fibula. It seems that my lucky star had other plans for me!
Three weeks have passed and my ankle still needs another week for the ligament to heal. At that point the ligament will be fixed but stiff with cicatricial tissue and will need another 10+ days to soften with the reappearance of collagen. That's the crucial point where I should be very careful as an accident at the 'stiff' stage would be tragic: Try to bend a spaghetti when it's raw, and you get an idea of what should be avoided. Works better when it's hydrated, uh.

I've already missed two training games with Berlin, a 5-day training with Team France, and I'm going to miss the Berlin / Crime City game next week, that is to say the public start of my very first Bombshell season. Although it's not my fault I feel like a deserter standing my team up.
I feel guilt, and frustration as a bonus: like a fish out of the water, missing my natural element.

All in all, the ankle needs 6 weeks of recovery (and not 10 days of rest as recommended by the hospital).Now, at three weeks, I can start soft workout of the muscles around the ankle ligaments to protect them. I can also ride a bike, which makes me independant again! That's the positive part.


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