Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kein Pardon! PRG All Stars Vs. SVRG B-Team

Paris RollerGirls (137-49) Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz B
May 14th, 2011. Stuttgart (GER)


We were going to play against Stuttgart Valley Rollergirlz B-Team (with a couple of All-Star players in fact), and we knew it would be tough. We were ready to lose, and our aim was:not defeating with more than 50 points of difference.But the scenario unfolded very differently than expected!

We left Paris at 5 in the morning, by car. Our car had had a sleepover at Katy Fury's, preceeded by a big japanese dinner at Dixie Pixie's (yummy!).

We arrived in the early afternoon, checked-in at the hotel and went to the venue where we ate a bite. We had to face some intimidating looks and remarks such as "Oh why did you bring your flag? Is it for us to burn it after the bout?". We couldn't try the ground before the official trainings to know which wheels to use, only two PRG were allowed to test it.
Nevermind, we warmed up off-skates, we sang the Marseillaise and Amazing Grace to unstress, and we went into the gym for the on-skates warm up.
And when I saw them warming up I said to myself that maybe we had a chance: they were less tough than us, we looked physically stronger -- though there was a couple of BIG girls, and their skating skills, except from Tease the Tiger's, didn't impress me at all.

The game started at last. And we led from the beginning: In a dozen of minutes, we scored 58 points before they managed to score one! At the Half-time we were leading 96 to 30. So we changed our strategy for the second half: making them lose time. We scored 40 more points during the second half but it was not our priority: We spent our time teasing and tiring them. We really did a great job.
Such a shame that Dixie Pixie couldn't play because of her broken rib (from the bout against Bordeaux two weeks before) and that Fifi Lafoe wasn't available that day...
We had the afterparty in a teenage rock bar-club. It was just as if a time-machine had brought me back 10 years ago. Fun!
Check out some cool pix by P-Mod and other cool pix on the SVRG Website!
...and the summary by the SVRG below: 

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