Saturday, June 18, 2011

Goldfinger: PRG All Stars Vs. Crime City Rollers

Paris RollerGirls (78-91) Malmö Crime City Rollers
June 18th, 2011 / Paris

We played against the Crime City RollerGirls of Malmö...
What a game!

No surprise as for the scores. I guess we all saw it coming. We haven't been training since Stuttgart... 3 weeks's a long time! No scrimmaging, no strategy preparation, we could feel it on the track: We were not united as a team and we didn't work in couples like we're used to.

The changing of bench managers was also unsettling: Our previous manager, Justin Beat-her, had to quit because she had no more spare-time, and we tried without rehearsal to work with Ban'Anna (ref) and Wheely Wonka (gf and future awesome sk8er) who had to learn everything on the fly. Lots of tensions, pressure, and chaos on the bench -- also due to the fact that we were losing.

Actually, no. We were not losing: the game was tight. We had strong skaters in both teams, the game was exciting and with suspense. But they were far more prepared than us and far more disciplined, and they won with merits.
We could have beaten them, and we were close to take the advantage back: it was just a question of a couple of jams if we played well. We had a fatal lapse of concentration during one jam at the beginning of the second half-time, when they scored *a lot* of points. This was the turning point!

Anyway, we learned the lesson well, and we still got lots to learn. Our league is new, we're still looking for landmarks, and what we've done so far, despite the communication/organization crisis we're undergoing, is a lot!
I think it's a good thing to lose: it pushes you to get better and go further, bringing you new objectives. I think (hope) this will trigger changes!

I'm very curious about seen the re-run of the bout. I guess the general impression was amusing: big Swedish giants against little Parisian smurfs!
I'm quite satisfied with my jamming, I did funny dodgings. Less proud of my pivoting, I was lacking a little "rehearsal".
I played most of my jams as a jammer against Mad Maloony. Super tall, looking nice, and above all very tactical. It was extremely interesting to watch her play and I got to study some of her tactics! Her gf, Swede Hurt, a ruthless powerblocker, was the other strong point of their team. In fact, all of them knew how to skate and how to hit!

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