Monday, May 13, 2013

Paris All Stars Vs. Ruhrpott | Quedalles Vs. Gent

Paris All-Stars (266-85) Ruhrpott A
Paris Quedalles (217-157) Gent Cuberdonnas
May 4th, 2013 / Paris

That was one hell of a double header!
I have not had much time to write lately as I have been VERY busy in the real life, so that my report is coming a bit late and will not be as thorough as usual. But I still wanted to write a few lines about that reboosting event.
It was a sold-out double header taking place in Paris, with both our teams playing --and WINNING-- in front of the craziest and most supportive public ever. The venue was on fire as never before! MOREMOREMORE!
In addition to all the buzzing and excitment, it was our first game with our BRAND-NEW JERSEYS which we were given on D-Day! The whole league has now BLUE uniforms, the red'n blue days are over!

The Quedalles were the first to go against Gent's Cuberdonnas.
The roster was slightly different from last October, when the first draft of the future All Star of the season played them. Only six players of the weekend had bouted the All Star.
Our Quedalles got into the game right away and managed to hold the reins all through the first period. The second period witnessed an impressive catch-up of the Belgians, who even managed to lead the scores for an (ephemeral) moment. Yet, after a handful of jams during which the Parisians lost control of the situation, they managed to re-focus and fly away, finishing more than 50 points ahead of the Cuberdonnas (219-157). An unexpected and well-deserved victory for the challengers, who warmed up the audience for the following game...
The Paris All Stars Vs. Ruhrpott A-Team
As for the All Stars, it was probably the best team work of the season so far. We led the game, the pack, the opposing jammers, widening the gap of the scores surely and efficiently. Cleaner, calmer, tighter, stronger, with more connection and reflex... On the good way! The final score was 266 to 85. Note: the numbers do not reflect what happened on the track. There was some good derby with nice actions to watch and cheer for!
Let's wish a quick recovery to Joan Get27 who sprained her ankle on a bad landing! And welcome back for the next game to Roxy Bat Girl, whose pivoting skills helped us on the side of the track as a third bench coach. Anklesanklesankles. A tradition at PRG's.

MVPs of the Day
The lucky Parisians were Rumble Roses (#619) as Best Blocker and Thelma Track (#6) as Best Jammer for the Quedalles, as well as Butch Shan (#3) as Best Blocker and Kozmic Bruise (#B612) as Best Jammer for the All Stars. All my apologies to the opposing teams' MVPs, I was busy collecting the reactions of friends of mine coming to see roller derby for the first time... and I consequentely did not get your names. I know, it is rude and I am sorry.
...And here we go for a little improvised victory dance!
 Thanks for the stolen moment, Jujji Gib's!

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