Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Feel Free...

Yesterday, the surgeon cut off my cast!

I Feel Free by Cream on Grooveshark

Oh by the way, when they say that the drill will cut the cast only, that's a lie and my shin is here to prove it. No blood spilled, but still a good 20cm line is crossing it. I had the pleasure of receiving a surgical band-aid unobtainable on the market, or so rare that it would cost me an arm and a leg. At least, that's what he said. As I'm not ready to also sacrifice an arm, I decided to trust him.

Once the cast taken off, not much to say about the overall looks of my leg than what I had already concluded three weeks ago. I struggled to put my shoe on -- first thing I did to recover a little dignity, but I should have taken it easy: I hadn't realize that freeing my leg could have drastic consequences on my blood pressure. I nearly blacked out. I was given a piece of day-old bread and canteen strawberry jam. Yummy.

My leg is now free but it doesn't know what to do anymore: It's been so assisted during six weeks that it's just waiting for the work to be done. And it's complaining a lot too. Every little piece of it is screaming like hell. I would have loved to make it shut up and suffer in silence but I'm not into painkillers, so I'm just waiting.

The longest part is over anyway: So far I've been through 2 casts of 3 weeks each, 6 blood tests, 39 injections, and bronchitis on top of it...
I'm glad I'm starting the next stage!

I'm ending up this post with a sarcastic touch of humor. I won't say the words because 1) Too many already did, 2) I don't want to be mixed up with them, 3) Just because it sticks to the subject doesn't mean I mean it... A pathetic compilation, i.e. totally worth being watched!

"In 1888, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche coined a phrase
that would inspire lazy musicians for more than 100 years"



  1. I totally have bronchitos right now... it seem to be going around

    1. Hopefully I'm almost over with it! I guess it's the season... Good luck!

  2. Faute de pouvoir aider en quoi que ce soit, je peux te faire un calinmagik si tu veux ! :D
    Vivement mars ! *timeaccelerator*

    1. Finally your leg is free. Congratulations. Hope you recover ASAP. Wanna see you rolling about. :)

      Diseases suck! I've gotten an oral mucosa inflammation, and couldn't eat for over 5 days. I've been on antibiotics, painkiller and special mouth water. Still my tongue is kinda numb. But I am recovering. This was so far the worse illness I have caught in my life.

      Stay alive.
      Nic Cin (facebook)

    2. Thanks Nic Cin! I'm still alive and more determined than ever! I hope that you got your tongue back ;)