Friday, August 31, 2012

LesAutresMondes: Akouphen Press Column is a French webzine supporting women in music (a very noble cause), and is mainly specialized in Rock, Punk-Rock, Metal and Electro styles.

It lists lots of bands with at least one woman taking part, offers interviews and album press columns. It also has a calendar with upcoming events and reports on past events. And of course it is equipped with a forum.
All the articles are written with great care, and their reflexions and comments are not void or empty. No political cant here. Only passionnate people sharing worthy information.

The webzine had already contacted us for my band's first album entitled FACE.A and had written a nice column about it.

We naturally contacted them again for our second album ΣLΣVΣN and they treated us with a very detailed and careful column covering most of the songs of the album. Actually, I feel very flattered!

"Après une longue pause, Akouphën reprend du service et sort aujourd'hui son deuxième album, "ELEVEN". Pour ceux qui auraient besoin de se refraichir la mémoire, Akouphën est un duo formé par Kloë et TBJ, proposant un Rock Electro très disparate. TBJ (Jean) est chargé de la composition instrumentale, de l'enregistrement et du mixage. Kloë (Chloé Seyrès) s'occupe de l'écriture et du chant. Pas d'instrument chez (...)"


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