Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cirque Eloize: "iD" Show

In a few days, the most unexpected coincidences followed one another so that in the end, I found myself in the VIP area at the Grand Rex theater watching the show "iD" of Cirque Eloize, with Seba team mate and superstar freestyle slalomer Korean Kim Sung Jin performing in it!

It all started with a forgotten SD card story.
Londonner Keanoush who was staying at my place for the Fashion Week had footages belonging to Sung Jin on his hard drive. We made the most of Sung Jin's touring in Paris to have dinner together at my place, which was the occasion to meet together ("long time no see...") eat home-made sushis and take-away pizzas, and transfer the crucial footages for an upcoming video, which Keanoush was holding hostage for months, into Sung Jin's SD card... Which he unfortunately forgot when he left... The African beers from the shop down the street must be to blame...

All in all, Sung Jin found me two tickets to go and watch the Circus show. The first time was an epic fail as there was a misunderstanding in the dates: I was thinking Thursday and he was meaning Tuesday. Obviously I missed the appointment. But we finally managed to arrange a last-chance occasion (on Thursday...) which was the good one!
There is this great quote from Rober McKingley that I used to know by heart at Junior High School which goes like that:
"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."
(Dude, I've just remembered it by heart!)

VIP Area, here we come!
I was helping my friend Marjorie who was working on a new set-up for my skates when I had the confirmation that there were two tickets available for me and Wonka. I left Marjorie coping with the measuring and drilling and rushed to the theater. There we met skaterfriends -- my derby goddaughter Poison Evy and her bf, indeed! and the usherette was so kind that she invited them in the VIP area with the both of us.

We could enjoy a great modern show alternating between urban and classic circus performances, with electro music, biking, pogo sticks, double dutch, hip-hop, skating, juggling, trampolines, etc.
...And I could finally give Sung Jin his SD card back at the end of the show!

"West Side Story gone Hip-Hop Circus" -- The Gazette, July 10, 2010, Montreal (Canada)

Fate has it (this is the best of all unexpected coincidences) that Sung Jin took the very part of former Seba team member and mutual friend Xuan Le, who left the show several months ago. The company was looking for a replacement and found him... We could admire from the spectators' seat -- I must admit sometimes amusingly -- the mix of their two styles, Sung Jin adapting a part created by Xuan...
Such a small world...


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