Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Make it Rock, Make it Roll

"Make it Roll" is the brand-new music video of my band Akouphën!
Its making of was epic and the video experienced a 14-month gestation period! Most of the footage was symbolically shot on November 11th, 2011 (11.11.11), on the release of the album the track is from, entitled "ΣLΣVΣN".

With all my injury problems it took me months to get the rushes back, and months again to find the time to shoot the missing scenes (the introduction basically). It took me quite a long time too to get used to the editing software and understand how to improve the lighting, the colors, the encoding and all...

I know it is not perfect, I am just an amateur, but we are quite satisfied with the final rendering!
Thanks again to all the people who took part in the making of of this video, and thanks in advance to all of you who will be willing to SHARE it!
A little click is a big help ;)



The lyrics are quite simple.
I am aware that it is not totally idiomatic but:
  1. We are French and
  2. It has a good rhythm in it.


The album is available in its CD version on the AkouStore of our website.
And if you are more into MP3s, we are registered on iTunes and CDBaby!

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