Sunday, April 13, 2014

SkateXpress: "A Thousand Jacks"

I'm far from being the best dancer in the world, my body is far too new wave to be funky, but I do love doing weird technical stuff with my feet.

I'm one of the founding members of Parisian Rollerdance Crew SkateXpress, which rose from the ashes of the Rollerdisco Club La Main Jaune three years ago. When I stopped freestyling and started derby, it enabled me to maintain a creative activity related to skating, hanging out with crazy skating technique specialists... and all this, in a breathtaking setting.

That was our rehearsal place (I know you're jealous.)

Credit: Arthur Baude.

Now the La Main Collective that renovated the place was moved by the Parisian city council to another squatting place, disused public baths. Classy but smaller, so that our crew had to find a new training spot.

Let's not complain (I know you're still jealous.)

But let's get back to the subject: We decided to issue a compilation of some of our best moments related to our main 2013 choreography: A THOUSAND JACKS, a transformist act going from hip-hop to roaring 20's. Each performance was unique with special interactions, depending on the number of dancers available for the dates.

We unfortunately lack good quality material, but this is a foretaste of what's yet to come. The level has increased since then, new members have joined in, new choreographies are ready and others are in progress.
I'm not really part of the adventure anymore as long-distance relationships are hard to keep, although I still enjoy poping in at sessions when I stop over in Paris!

A video is worth a thousand words... Discover our 2013 rehearsing/touring season HERE:


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