Friday, April 4, 2014

The Beekoz "True Colors for Florida"

Despite all appearances this is not a cover of Cyndi's song. Or maybe it is. But with new original lyrics written by the Beekoz themselves!
No doubt that the BEEKOZ are going to create a stir in 2014! The band of two, made of Bee Fattal and Kozmic Bruise, has just released its first single "True Colors for Florida". That natural-born hit is part of "The Heat is On!", a charity compilation aiming at sending the Berlin Bombshells to the Beach Brawl (and at organizing the debut tour of the Beekoz in Florida)! 100% derby, 100% self-made.

The Beekoz...
The Heat is On! Charity Compilation
...recording their first single

The third track of the charity compilation, featuring the BEEKOZ, is now available in free streaming, joining the first and second skits by BONEZITA ("A Real Rollerderby Diva") and PAULINA POCKET ("Swears like a Sailor") on the Berlin Bombshells' THE HEAT IS ON Youtube Playlist. More is soon to come!

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The Beekoz


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